Fat Bald Jeff

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why I love my wife

Was up in the middle of the night for a snack and decided I needed soda.
I opened the fridge and saw diet Pepsi.
I said to myself...that sounds really good...I haven't had pepsi in a while.
Lately we've had coke zero and coke zero cherry (which I love)...but this unexpected changeup was really nice.
Just prior to that, there was a 2 liter bottle of root beer....tasty.
And I think, 2 weeks before that, there was diet Dr Pepper Cherry (by far the best diet soda ever made)

The same thing hit me between the eyes the other night when I was cooking some seasoned ground beef for mexican night.
I went to the cabinet where we keep our meet seasoning and found, instead of the familiar yellow-red-blue Old ElPaso seasoning packets, I found a solid red McCormick brand.
I yelled from the kitchen and she explained that it was on sale or something so I shrugged and used it. Tasty.

We have 8 different varieties of cereal in the pantry. It's nice because sometimes you can't stand the thought of another bowl of 'healthy' GoLean Crunch and want a heaping bowl of sugar frosted chocolate bombs.

Last month I came home and found 3 different styles of new work shoes still in boxes on the kitchen table. She told me to pick the ones I liked (my workmates tease me about my current ones plus they are falling apart) and she would return the rest.
One of them was perfect and I wear them every day.
They were apparently on sale at Farm and Fleet.
I've had the same experience with jackets.....shirts....pants......

They say that you need to mix up the sex in a relationship to keep a marriage healthy.....I say stick with missionary position and bring on the variety filled shopping cart instead!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new blog

new blog following my misadventures writing a game for the JavaFX coding challenge.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

more foods I don't eat (condiments)

Again...# designates that I have not tried (or don't remember trying)

#mustard (including honey mustard dip)
pepper (cayenne, chili, black)
#salad dressing
#tarter sauce
bacon bits
#Balsamic vinegar (or any vinegar)
sweet/sour sauce
#soy sauce
#curry powder
#Parmesan cheese
# Worcester sauce
#Tabasco sauce or similar hot sauce
#sour cream
#Cocktail sauce
#horseradish sauce
oyster sauce

Foods I don't eat

In research for this second attempt, I am contemplating a radical change in eating habits. My food selections for my last attempt was quite limited......and in many ways unhealthy (duh). High in sodium and nitrates and preservatives, I'm not sure I did my body any good (even though I lost weight). So, it's time to dig deep inside and decide if I can shift my eating habits. Let's start with a list of simple (single ingredient) foods that I don't eat.

(# denotes I have never tried the item)

Fruits Vegetables Meats
-------- ----------- -----
#Apricot #Artichoke #Liverwurst
#Avocado #Beets #Salami
#blackberry #Cabbage Kielbasi
#cherry #Collards Pepperoni
#grapefruit #Leeks Ring Bologna
#Lemon #Parsnips
#Mango #Okra
#Olive #Rhubarb Juices
#Plum #Rutabaga --------
#Tangerine #Shallots Grapefruit
#Pomegranates #Squash Orange
#Kiwi Fruit #Turnips Tomato
#Kumquats #Watercress
#Cranberries #Yams
Blueberry #Mustard greens Seafood
Orange #eggplant ------------
Peach Asparagus crab
Pear Broccoli lobster
Pineapple Brussel Sprouts #eel
Strawberry Cauliflower Generally any fish except breaded cod
Tomato Celery



Sweet Potato



Lima Beans

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abort, Retry, Fail?

It's been over a year since my aborted attempt at losing 100 pounds in 100 days.
I spent today re-reading my previous entries, which, I have to say motivated me somewhat.

I've gained a few pounds since the last attempt - not nearly back up to what was at at the start of my overall journey but enough to discourage me.

Maybe it's time for a retry. I think that they old faithful DOS error sums up the plan for me.....
First time I aborted.
Then it's time for a retry.
I'll admit failure only then (if the retry is not successful).


Monday, February 12, 2007

100 Pounds in 100 Days - Day #36 (weigh-in)

Weight: 372 (+5 pounds, -23 pounds overall)
Weekend eating was a disaster.
Workouts for the week were limited.
Food tacking was sporadic.
Can I pull it back together?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

100 Pounds in 100 Days - Day #34

Fell off the wagon yesterday. Then the wagon ran me over. Twice. Then it left me for dead. I'm STILL trying to count all the calories. I'm pretty sure that I didn't eat more than I burned (basal + exercise), but it will be close. I burned close to 6000 yesterday. Breakfast was 500 calories. Lunch had to be 2500 (reduced fat pringles, a suzy-q and half a cheeze/sausage pizza). Dinner was more pizza...fries, chicken nuggets...and some low cal ice-cream/brownies for dessert.
*sigh* Checked the scale this morning (after the olestra in the pringles made its way out)....same weight as last Monday. Sheesh. Well, I've got 2 days to make a dent in this week's goal. No salt, no soda, 1500 calories strict and EXERCISE!. In the greater scheme of things, I know that 1 no-calorie deficit day will not hurt me. I figure this blow-up was 33 days in coming (I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner). Well...I'm one-third of the way done here. No time for tears. Just a few more weeks before the weather lets me get on that new bike.....

Friday, February 09, 2007

100 Pounds in 100 Days - Day #33

I hate the scale. I hate working hard and seeing no results. I hate getting up at 5:15am and falling asleep at 9:30pm. I hate having only 420 calories left for dinner. I hate the fact that my right forearm hurts every time I try to open a shampoo bottle.

But...I also hate not being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant. I also hate having to shop in the big/tall section. I also hate not being able to see my feet when I lay down (heck...or even when I stand up).

32% done and feeling a little frustrated